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Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change.  In fact, many believe that all learning takes place on an unconscious level.  While hypnosis is Greek for "sleep", the state is not really one of sleep.  It is however, that Alpha state, or brain wave activity (the number of cycles you brain goes through per second. )  The Alpha state is associated with that beginning phase of falling asleep or directly upon awakening.   We are in Alpha states while driving, daydreaming and watching television.   It is a relaxed state of mind, many believe is more associated wtih right brain activity.  While in this state, positive suggestions for your good and benefit are made to achieve the objectives you desire. 

I'm often asked if everybody can be hypnotized?   If you have ever been in the alpha state...and you have...then you can again.   If your intention to make a change in your life and as we develop a plan to request the change on an unconscious level, you will have experienced the benefit of hypnosis.  Milton Erickson, known as the father of Hypnosis, answered the question.  "It's possible that someone might not be able to be hypnotized, I just haven't run across them yet." 

Milton Erickson introduced therapeutic hypnotherapy to the American Medical Association, which adopted it as a therapeutic medical modality in 1953.